RED ARROW Consulting

RED ARROW Consulting broad IT industry knowledge coupled with our close cooperation with clients, enable us to bring fresh perspectives and creative thinking to the IT challenges we solve. Our background in IT serving to the entrepreneurial environment drives us to continually discover better ways to address clients’ CEOs and CFOs needs, ultimately bringing positive change for them, for better performance of their businesses.


Our understanding of various clients and the sectors in which they do business is deep, and this specialized expertise helps us to find IT and transformational solutions that have real impact and help our clients to win. With the benefit of practical CIO experience in our team, we deliver more powerful and reliable results.


As IT represents significant cost to businesses, RED ARROW Consulting delivers major impact to organizations undergoing or getting ready to profound change or facing strategic discontinuities or risks. We provide guidance drawn from deep expertise on leading the internal IT, structuring its operations and improving its performance, harmonising and optimizing internal IT processes, and benchmarking to market level services.


RED ARROW Consulting helps enterprises to develop, build, and operate strong, reliable and cost efficient IT that contributes to sustained shareholder value growth. We look at IT strategy from the "outside-in" perspective, taking all aspects of clients’ business strategy and finding strategic insight through a robust understanding of current and future customer priorities.

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